Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – The Prisoner of Bogan [Comic Book Review]

Prisoner of Bogan Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi

Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi — The Prisoner of Bogan is the second arc in the comic book series by John Ostrander.  The development of the characters continues apace, the plot twists are intriguing and you learn a new piece of Star Wars history.   

The Good

The Characters:  You are introduced to Daegen Lok a former Je’daii hero who went mad from visions of dark warriors carrying blades of fire. That was a vision of the Rakata invasion to come and served as a nice piece of foreshadowing.  What makes him amusing is that he wants to conquer the Je’daii to prove he was right about those visions.  

Xesh’s story gets more fascinating as you find out that his brood mate Trill is also in the Tython system.  Apparently Xesh doesn’t realize that he’s a pawn for Predor Skal’nas.  You’re left wondering whether Xesh is all he seems to be.  

The Plot:  The heroes of the story are trying to figure out who and what the Rakata are.  They’re trying to free Xesh but don’t realize that he’s joined forces with the insane Lok.  Xesh’s brood mate and fellow Force Hound Trill is also working an angle of her own on behalf of the Rakata.

There’s enough betrayals to make things engaging.  

The History:   The history of the Rakata in the Infinite Empire was explored in the game Knights of the Old Republic.  Here Ostrander explains the origins of the Rakata through an ancient holocron with a Kwa gatekeeper named A’nang.  This sets the stage for the heroes and their home system coming under attack by the Rakata in the third arc, Force War.

Unless you’ve been reading the Star Wars wikis, the story of the Kwa will be something new.  

The Bad

I didn’t have any extra criticisms of this arc outside of those mentioned in my review of Force Storm.

The Verdict

Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi — Prisoner of Bogan is a nice segue way between the Force Storm arc and the Force War arc.  You meet an interesting new hero/villain, the plot thickens and you get another tidbit of history on how the Infinite Empire of the Rakata was formed.  

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