Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Force War [Comic Book Review]

Force War - Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi

Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi — Force War by John Ostrander is a wonderful finale to an entertaining comic book series.  The plot twist in this arc is a nice touch and the development of Xesh as a character reaches the final stage.  I think you’ll find the finale to be an acceptable end to this series.  

The Good

The Plot:  Daegan Lok, the insane Je’daii from The Prisoner of Bogan arc has been proven right:  the Rakata did come bearing swords of fire. He’s appointed a general of the Je’daii and Settled World forces.  

That’s a rare twist of fate — seeing your villain from before become one of the good guys.  

Xesh is a vital part of the plot twist that comes about three-fourths of the way into the final arc (book three).  Let’s just say that the Rakata are more cunning than we give them credit for.  You’ll have to read it to find out what happened.  

There was a serious reversal of fortunes for the Je’daii.  You might wonder whether they’re going to win.  Of course if you’re a veteran Star Wars fan you know they do.  

You just don’t know how.

The Characters:  There isn’t a huge amount of development in this area.  Xesh and Shae Koda admit their romantic feelings for each other.  Then everything goes to hell the next day.  

Shae is left picking up the pieces and wondering what went wrong — with Xesh.  That’s all I can say without giving you a complete spoiler.  

The Bad

Again I don’t have any new criticisms of the arc outside of those mentioned in my Force Storm review.  Well, maybe one.

The Star Forge:  The Rakatan Empire had the Star Forge.  That thing could produce an unlimited number of ships, weapons and droids.  With that kind of power is it really possible to lose?  

Most wars are won by numbers and force of arms.  The Rakata had the highest level of tech among all of the races of the time.  Anyway, if you think about that, it’s a wonder the Rakata ever lost against the Je’daii.  

I’ll admit that Ostrander mentioned they were already being wiped out by the Rakatan force plague at the time.

The Verdict

Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi — Force War is a great ending arc for the standalone comic book series.  The plot twists and characters reach their climax.  I think you’ll be suitably satisfied with the finale.

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