Killing Floor by Lee Child [Book Review]

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Killing Floor Jack Reacher

Killing Floor by Lee Child is a violent, action packed Jack Reacher thriller that was quite enjoyable.  It’s a story set in a small town yet involves an international counterfeiting ring.  The plot twists, betrayals and shootouts will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read.  

The Good

The Plot Twists:  The best thing about Killing Floor were the twists and turns.  You never knew who was on the bad guy’s side until it caught you by surprise (except for the obvious ones).  There were traitors who revealed themselves at the worst possible times, putting Reacher and his friends in serious danger.  

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The story kept me on my toes more than any of the other Reacher stories I’ve read to date.  

The Scope:  What I liked about Lee’s debut novel was that it was a small town story with an international scope involving counterfeiting.  It starts with Jack Reacher being blamed for murder, his brother Joe ending up dead and then getting himself roped into the investigation in order to avenge Joe.

All the while Reacher is trying to figure out how the bad guys are pulling off their scheme.  It’s one of the central mysteries within the story.  It kept me guessing for a good long while until they finally revealed everything in the latter half of the story.

The Bad

The Villains:  To be honest there wasn’t anything I greatly disliked about this book.  If there was one thing that could be changed it might be giving the villains a bit more depth.  Just a tad…

They’re fairly one dimensional but there’s no mistaking them for very, very bad people.  Seeing them get their just rewards is quite gratifying in the climatic finale.  You can be sure there’ll be a hellish good time when it happens.

The Verdict

Killing Floor is likely the best Jack Reacher novel I’ve read to date except for Tripwire.  Even then, Tripwire still isn’t as good as Lee’s first debut novel.  If there’s one Jack Reacher novel you ever read, Killing Floor should be the one.  

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